My child is struggling in school. What’s my first step?

The best first step is to speak with your child’s teacher.  Ask the teacher what skills your child is working on, what type of activities are being done in the classroom, and – most importantly – what you can do at home to reinforce or support this skill-building.

The next step is to request a Student Study Team meeting (also sometimes called Student Success Team or Child Study Team).  This meeting involves the parent or guardian, the teacher, principal, a facilitator (sometimes another teacher or a staff person specifically designated to this role), and any other person that you choose to bring or who will be valuable to the team.  For example, you may ask for the school counselor, the nurse, or a special education teacher to be present, depending on your concern.

The Student Study Team team will discuss the strengths and challenges of your child and come up with some possible interventions for moving forward.  Often, the team will reconvene within 6-8 weeks to discuss progress and any new information.  At every meeting, the team comes up with a plan to continue supporting your child.