The Brain Building Book (a work in progress), Author: An interactive experience to help students understand their learning differences from a strengths-based and growth mindset perspective.  This book is currently part of every assessment for students in K-5th, and will be available for the general public in the coming months.

Capacitar: Building Mental Health Capacity in Rural Guatemala, Author: This article, detailing my work in Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala, was published by both the American Psychological Association and the National Association of School Psychologists.

The College Prep Podcast, Guest Expert: In this episode, I explain how assessment works, how to choose a good educational psychologist, when to get your child tested, and what results to expect from the testing process.

The Focus Framework, Editor/Consultant: This practical, hands-on series of workbooks by Justin Wilcox supports new founders by teaching them how to truly understand their customers’ problems and experiences, so that they can build a solution that is both profitable and a direct response to customer needs.