It’s time for Plan C

This past Tuesday, I gave a talk for UC Berkeley on using the Collaborative Proactive Solutions model (Ross Greene, author of The Explosive Child) to help students who are struggling during these difficult times.  This is a great introductory workshop for anyone wanting to get oriented to the model. 

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Focus and Attention

“Your children are not homeschooling.  They’re at home, in the middle of a crisis, trying to get some schoolwork done.”  Kim Hopkins, The Ross Greene Podcast

For many students, attention and focus are the biggest barriers to online learning.  This post is designed to give you tools to build your child’s focus skills, as well as permission to let go of academic expectations entirely if that’s what your child needs right now.

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Home Academic Support for Students with Special Needs

This post focuses on specific academic resources, especially for students with special needs.  I have included general resources, as well as specific sites for reading, math and enrichment.  Please note, some of these resources may require a bit more setup than other “plug-n-play” materials or apps, as they are addressing more complex needs.

First and foremost, keep reaching out to your school team – they are building this plane while flying it, so they may not know today, but may have more resources tomorrow.  Ask for what you need.

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Structuring Homeschool

The  Basics

The American Academy of Pediatrics has provided a clear outline of recommendations for this time.

The Today Show and CNN also did a great job of laying out the basics to structuring a homeschool day, including educational activities, recess, and art.

Khan Academy has age-specific schedules with links to their lessons.  Right now – as with many online platforms – it’s free!

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