Build Your Brain!

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Helping Students Understand Their Brain

Your child already knows their brain works differently.  They experience it first hand, every day.  They may even be starting to get messages from their teachers or peers that something is not just different, but “wrong.”

Our work together will change that narrative.  

The Brain Building Book is a story-like, interactive tool to help students understand their brains throughout the process of assessment.  They learn basic neuroanatomy, explore a growth-mindset metaphor for how brains change over time, and identify strategies for how they can be their best learning self.  Finally, we identify specific terms to help them understand their learning differences in an empowering and positive way.  

After we’re done, your child brings their book home so that you can continue the conversation.  Anyone who works with your child can use the metaphor in the story, and continue to add to the pages over time.

If you are an educator looking to use a tool like this, I’d love to hear from you! This book, much like our brains, is under construction. Help me make it work for your students by letting me know what you need here:

Empower My Students


Sample pages: