Autism Resource Guide

Autism is a complex and evolving diagnosis. There are many challenges Autistic individuals face, and also many gifts that come with this different kind of wiring.

Neurodiversity is the idea that different kinds of brains are critical for our advancement and evolution as a society. It challenges the notion that difference is the same as disability. If we all saw the world in the same way, our thinking would never evolve. In fact, many individuals who have been change-makers in our world have some sort of learning or developmental difference that sets them apart.

By approaching the question of Autism from a neurodiversity framework, it helps us understand what skills your child may need to build, as well as the unique and important perspective they bring. Understanding both will help them to show up in the world as their most full and authentic self.

If you believe your child may be Autistic, please contact me for support in finding the best next steps for evaluation and treatment.

If your child has been diagnosed with Autism and you are looking for resources, please see the list below. I hope these resources are helpful to you, as well as other family members and educators who care for your child.


Websites and Articles:


Special thanks to Joel Schwartz for recommending many of the resources on this page.