Structuring Homeschool

Shelter-in-Place Schooling Basics

The American Academy of Pediatrics has provided a clear outline of recommendations for this time.

The Today Show and CNN also did a great job of laying out the basics to structuring a homeschool day, including educational activities, recess, and art.

Khan Academy has age-specific schedules with links to their lessons.  Right now – as with many online platforms – it’s free!

Keep Calm and Structure On

Rebecca Branstetter, PhD, and Elizabeth Sautter, MA, CCC-SLP (highly regarded professionals and parents of school-age children) share concrete tools for creating schedules, and how to support your children – and yourself – to thrive within this new reality.  Keep up with their blog here: Making Social Learning Stick

Add Ons

Your school likely provided work, but it may not be enough.  As a starting place, use and for additional lessons and activities.

The New York Times is also inviting students 13 and older to respond to specific articles as a way to build their writing skills.

For younger children, try Motherly for non-screen educational activities.

This post was created to support families through COVID-19.  If you have more questions related to working with your children at home, please let me know by sending me an email or commenting on this post!

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