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Visuals and Videos for Feedback Sessions

Feedback sessions can be very talk-heavy.

Even if I am diligent about using the child’s words, it’s still a lot of language to process!

To help, I’ve been collecting child-friendly videos, graphics, books, celebrity profiles, and websites that relate to specific diagnoses, as well as neurodiversity in general. 

These resources are not only helpful for the child, but are a powerful way to jumpstart ongoing, empowering conversations with parents and caregivers!

For example, when I show My 10 Favorite Things About Having ADHD, many parents will spontaneously point to the screen and say, “That’s so true! You’re generous/spontaneous/funny/forgiving, too!”

This is a living document, so check back often for updates.

Now Available for Preorder!

The Brain Building Book for Adolescents

Teens and tweens are in a stage when being “normal” and fitting in are often at the forefront.  So, how do we help them understand – and embrace! – their differences?

Brain Building 101 is a workbook-style tool that engages children as equal partners in discovering how their brain works.  It walks you and the child through a step-by-step process for understanding strengths and challenges, using affirmative and positive language.  

Brain Building 101 book

This workbook is currently available for preorder through Kickstarter.  Take a look and see if it could be a fit for your practice!

What is Kickstarter?

Kickstarter allows us to learn if there is enough community support to make it possible to produce this book at scale.

If we are able to reach our funding goal, the book will be printed and you will receive your copies shortly thereafter!

If we do not reach our goal the book will not be printed, and everyone will simply get their money back.

If a tool like this could be helpful for your work with adolescents, please click here to support the campaign!

Thank you for your help in bringing this empowering feedback tool to life!

Of course, if you are working with ages 5-10, The Brain Building Book for Elementary is available now!

Find this book and many other tools to support feedback sessions with kids at www.BrainBuildingBook.com.

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Explaining Multiple Diagnoses To Kids

For the complete How to Explain a Diagnosis to Kids series, visit www.BrainBuildingBook.com.

Finding developmentally appropriate, positive, non-overwhelming language to explain one diagnosis to a child is hard enough…

But what about when the child has multiple diagnoses?

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Handout: Child Feedback Language Guide

When talking to a child about their testing results, it’s hard to find language that is positive, developmentally appropriate, and not overwhelming. 

Over the past few months, I’ve shared a set of articles dedicated to finding this language and helping us explain common diagnoses to kids, including:

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Explaining (Reframing) Oppositional Behavior to Kids

The evolving conversation around neurodiversity celebrates the unique minds and superpowers of neurodivergent profiles such as ADHD, Dyslexia, Autism, and more. 

But what about the kids who struggle with explosive, disruptive, or oppositional behaviors?

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