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Parent Handout: Talking to Kids About Testing (Spanish and English)

When I talk to parents about assessment, many express a common concern:

“When we tell her she’s getting tested, she’ll think something’s wrong with her!”

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Intellectual Disability and Child Feedback

When Dr. Skye McLennan picked up 6-year-old Noah from his classroom for his first testing session, she asked him if he knew why he was coming with her. 

“Because I was bad?” he hesitantly replied.  

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Tools for Explaining Testing Results to Kids

Explaining learning differences to children is challenging. 

As a testing psychologist, I’ve struggled to find the right language to help kids understand their differences in an empowering way.  It’s easy to overwhelm a young mind, and many students just stare back with that glazed-over look, or stay focused on the negative.  

In talking to others in the field, it turns out I’m not alone!

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